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"Step out of the circle of time and into the circle of love"

Time To Go Home:

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“There is much work to be done as we move forward into a bright future the likes of which we can’t presently begin to imagine. This is a time of great celebration.”


Aliens are real.  The vast majority are benevolent and helping us to progress as a planet.  They mostly observe as not to interfere, other than to protect us.  They are learning from how we evolve.  They provide great knowledge on an individual basis when asked.  Aliens will come in peace to greet us when we are ready (when we come together as one). 

If you ever hear of an alien invasion, it’s a hoax to generate fear; aliens are super cool, really.

Many people have seen UFOs.  Many people communicate with ETs on a regular basis. It’s completely normal, healthy, and in tune with truth, regardless of what some “think-they-are-advanced” societies of earth may want you to believe.

We live short lives and are narrow sighted. A race of beings that has evolved enough to travel galactically would have longevity and long-term understanding of evolution and planetary development.

Whereas us humans are looking for money and joy in the form of work, drugs and monetary paper with no value attributed to it… an alien race has transcended above a material world and understands value in a different way.

When we have settled our issues, such as perpetual war, fear, greed, human slaughter and have started to grow up as a species, we will be contacted by these beings in a physical, face-to-face sense.

Lately however, we have had to focus on the negative aliens of the Draco species as well the dark Archontic Forces, Grays and Reptilians consorts in order to expose the matrix agenda.  There are astral taps that exist as a part of their matrix program and they needed to be identified in order to recognize them more easily.

In a world without the matrix and duality, we could easily imagine seeing ourselves side by side with an array of different beings not unlike the Cantina Bar in the movie Star Wars.  The future holds this time, and we are rapidly bringing it forward into the now.  In order to accept others into our lives, it is helpful to recognize who we really are.

We have had many lives and experiences that we are currently drawing upon. There are many races of extraterrestrials here on, in, and around the planet at this time.

Ending the secrecy surrounding the UFO/ET subject is a laudable goal.  It is long overdue.  It would transform the world in ways both simple and profound.

And yet it is fraught with danger.

The covert projects which have been running UFO related programs for nearly 60 years are not interested in a disclosure which upsets their apple cart.

They want such a disclosure to transform their apple cart into a freight train. And they potentially have the power and connections to do it.

The UFO matter is not so much a mystery as a matter deliberately obfuscated and mystified. Confusion and a lack of clarity serves the larger covert goal of keeping it off the long-range radar of society while power and plans are consolidated quietly.

For years such plans have been made – to be unfurled at just the right time. During a time of great expectation.  Of social confusion.  Perhaps of millennial madness?

But remember, there are huge powerful interests who dread this scenario.  For them, it is the end of the world as they know it.  The end of centralized, elite power.  The end of a controlled geo-political order which today leaves nearly 90% of the people of Earth barely one step out of the stone age.  And they do not wish to share the power they wield.

But the disclosure envisioned above could have happened in 1950. It did not – Why? 

Maybe it’s time to revisit UFO/ET incidents of what I believe, are the most credible UFO sightings of the 21st century:

Rosswell - New Mexico - July, 1947.

One morning in July, 1947, about 75 miles from the town of Roswell, New Mexico, a rancher named Mac Brazel found something unusual in his sheep pasture: a mess of metallic sticks held together with tape; chunks of plastic and foil reflectors; and scraps of a heavy, glossy, paper-like material.

Unable to identify the strange objects, Brazel called Roswell’s sheriff.  The sheriff, in turn, called officials at the nearby Roswell Army Air Force base. Armed soldiers flocked onto the scene and covered Brazel’s field, and started gathering the mysterious debris and whisking it away in armored trucks.

On July 8, Roswell Daily Record published a report about the incident in their front page.  Their top story was titled “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region.”

This report got international attention and because of that, the day after this report an Air Force official clarified the paper’s report by claiming that the alleged “flying saucer,” was only a crashed weather balloon supposedly from a secretive government project called the “Project Mogul.”

However, to anyone who had seen the debris it was clear that whatever the thing was, it was not a weather balloon.  Most people believed–and still believe–that the crashed vehicle had not come from Earth at all.

 I don’t feel compelled to dwell on the Roswell incident as we are all aware of the significance of this event and the role it played on modern day Ufology.

Kenneth Arnold - Mt. Rainier - June 24, 1947. (Notice time proximity to Roswell)

As Mr. Arnold recalled, the afternoon was crystal clear, and he was cruising at an

altitude of 9,200 feet.  A minute or two after noting a DC-4 about 15 miles behind and to the left of him, he was startled by something bright reflecting off his plane.


At first, he thought he had nearly hit another aircraft but as he looked off in the direction the light had come from, he saw nine "peculiar-looking" aircraft flying rapidly in formation toward Mt. Rainier.

As these strange, tailless craft flew between his plane and Mt. Rainier and then off toward distant Mt. Adams, Arnold noted their remarkable speed -- he later calculated that they were moving at around 1,700 mph -- and said he got a pretty good look at their black silhouettes outlined against Rainier's snowy peak.

He later described them as saucer-like disks … something the gentlemen of the press glommed on to very quickly.

At the time, Arnold said, the appearance of these flying saucers didn't particularly alarm him, because he assumed they were some kind of experimental military aircraft.

 If they were, nobody in the War Department (soon to be merged into the Department of Defense) was saying.

In fact, the official Army Air Corps position was that Arnold had either seen a mirage or was hallucinating.  He insisted he was perfectly alert and lucid, adding that he was not a publicity hound, either.  He also invited both the Army and the FBI to investigate.  The Army sent a couple of officers out to talk with Arnold. Even though they concluded that "a man of his character and apparent integrity" almost certainly saw what he claimed to have seen, the Army's initial verdict remained unchanged.

As Arnold's story leaked out, other people stepped forward to say they had seen the objects, too.  The most-credible report may have come from a United Airlines crew, which reported seeing nine similar disk-like objects over Idaho only 10 days after Arnold's sighting.

Whether Arnold actually saw something or not, the resulting publicity touched off a worldwide spate of UFO sightings.  Barely two weeks after Arnold's flight, the Roswell story broke, and UFO hysteria was on.

Ariel School - Ruwa, Zimbabwe - September 16th, 1994

One of the most extraordinary mass UFO sightings in recent history occurred among children at an elementary school playground in the small farming village of Ruwa, a suburb of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, Africa.

On September 16, 1994, during mid-morning recess at the Ariel primary school in Ruwa, about sixty-two children put down their jump ropes and Rugby balls and reported seeing a spacecraft and two “strange beings” in the rugged, grassy area adjacent to their schoolyard.


The children’s reports were vivid, clear and consistent.  Many of the children reported seeing beings that wore shiny tight-fitting black suits, had very thin arms and legs, and were about four feet tall.  The spacecraft was described as large and silver with lights and a red stripe around the edge. 

Cynthia Hind, MUFONS coordinator for Africa, believed the children saw what they described based on the consistency of their reports. “They all saw pretty much the same thing,” she said.  “They saw a craft approach the playground and hover over the playground.  And they saw two beings.”


Children also reported having telepathic communication with the beings through their large eyes and receiving messages about pollution on Earth and the overuse of technology. 

Barbara Lamb, California Regression Therapist, believes that what the children witnessed and reported at the Ariel school in 1994 is part of a very large movement going on amongst humanity that involves the expansion of human consciousness. 

 “I think the children, as a voice of innocence and authenticity, offer a perfect contribution to the awareness that many people are growing into.

Lamb said.  “More people are coming forth and speaking about encounters that they’ve had with otherworldly beings.”

Rendlesham Forest Incident – December 26th, 28th – 1980


The Rendlesham Forest incident is ranked among the best-known reported UFO events worldwide.  It is undoubtedly one of the best documented and most significant military encounters with a Craft of Unknown Origin.  It has been compared to the Roswell UFO incident in the United States.  It is also a case that involved very credible witnesses like trained United States Air Force observers and security police personnel.

Rendlesham Forest is a large pine forest in Suffolk, England.  Nearby are the twin NATO air bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge; at the time both bases were being leased to the United States Air Force.

 In late December 1980, there were a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights near the Forest.  This particular event occurred just outside RAF Woodbridge.  On 26th December, 1980 at around 3:00 a.m., a security patrol near the east gate of RAF Woodbridge saw lights apparently descending into nearby Rendlesham Forest.

Servicemen initially thought it was a downed aircraft but, upon entering the forest to investigate, they saw, what they described later, as a glowing object, metallic in appearance with colored lights.

As they attempted to approach the object, it appeared to move through the trees, and “the animals on a nearby farm went into a frenzy”.

One of the servicemen, Sergeant Jim Penniston, later claimed to have encountered a “craft of unknown origin”.  According to him, when he got close enough, he saw strange hieroglyphic symbols on the hull and after some time, the craft rose slowly above the trees and then accelerated away at high speed.

When servicemen returned to a small clearing near the eastern edge of the forest, they found 3 small impressions in a triangular pattern as well as burn marks and broken branches on nearby trees.

However, corporations masquerading as governments, would have no part of this so as a result, they initiated massive censorship/coverup agendas that continue to this day.

Censorship: Governments/Military

Project Blue Book:

From 1947 to 1969, a total of 12, 618 sightings were reported to Project Blue Book.  Of these 701 remain "Unidentified."  The project was headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, whose personnel no longer receive, document or investigate UFO reports.

The decision to discontinue UFO investigations was based on an evaluation of a report prepared by the University of Colorado entitled, "Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects;" a review of the University of Colorado's report by the National Academy of Sciences; past UFO studies and Air Force experience investigating UFO reports during the 40s, '50s, and '60s.

As a result of these investigations and studies and experience gained from investigating UFO reports since 1948, the conclusions of Project Blue Book are:


(1) no UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security;

(2) there has been no evidence submitted to or discovered by the Air Force that sightings categorized as "unidentified" represent technological developments or principles beyond the range of present-day scientific knowledge; and

(3), there has been no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as "unidentified" are extraterrestrial vehicles.


Majestic-12 (MJ-12)

Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is a special and secret commission in the US government, created in 1947 by US President Harry Truman, to investigate the activity of UFOs. 

MJ-12 was a group that worked to determine how to deal with alien activities in case of contact or other UFO activities in the United States.

One of their tasks was scientific development, but the main purpose was to follow all the information that appeared on UFOs and to analyze these data both from a scientific point of view and in order to improve American technology.

The MJ-12 would include US President and Vice-President, CIA Director, NSA Director, and others.  The MJ-12 headquarters are at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC.  MJ-12 is only responsible to the President of the United States.

In fact, sometimes, the MJ-12 can even go over the president. It seems that MJ-12 was one of the organizations that ordered the assassination of US President Kennedy, for he would have threatened to disclose to the public facts about the presence of aliens on Earth.


President Harry Truman organized this MJ-12 group and was classified as Ultra Top Secret and began his research in the Watertown area of Nevada, better known as Area 51.

Project Grudge

Declassified on July 23, 1997, Project Grudge was originally released in August of 1949 as a Secret Technical Report (NO 102-AC 49/15-100) by the headquarters of the Air Materiel Command, Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton Ohio.


Approved by Lt. Col. Hemstreet and Col. Watson, it is 406 pages long and covers a large number of UFO sightings along with investigation analysis, conclusions, and supplementary reports.  Overall, it is just the basic background work on pedestrian UFO sightings by many credible military witnesses.


No discussion of crashes, alien bodies, or the other Top-Secret material found in more classified reports — just the way you would expect it.

Disclosure: Governments

For many decades, the United States and other governments have conspired to defraud the people of Earth by discrediting reports of UFOs and alien extraterrestrials.


But in recent years, the Pentagon and the U.S. Navy have been “leaking” photos and videos and gradually acknowledging we are not alone in the universe and that we are being visited here on Earth.

I assume that most extraterrestrials are not hostile to us, either because we are insignificant to them to the point where they don’t value us or view us as relevant – or because they have developed their civilization beyond the point of violence, greed, and hostility – and are benevolent towards developing lower life forms like us, hoping we grow beyond this phase without destroying ourselves.


Of course, it is possible we humans could develop warp drive or other technology needed to colonize other planets without major social changes… and that means that other violent, greedy, aggressive races could be doing the same – looking at Earth with the aim of taking it from us.


Would more benevolent, developed races protect humanity?

Disclosure Project – Military Personal

On May 9, 2001, noted UFOlogist Dr. Steven Greer and members of the Disclosure Project Team held a UFO/ET Disclosure press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

The speakers included 20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, Intelligence Officers and other who represented a total list of over 400 whistleblowers willing to speak before Congress about the UFO/Alien cover-up that is being perpetuated by the U.S. Government and U.S. Military-Industrial Complex.

These incredibly brave whistleblowers spoke at the press conference to tell a little bit about their personal stories and experiences with UFOs/Extraterrestrials at great peril to their personal safety because many of them were doing so against the oaths they had taken to keep all of this knowledge top secret.

They also discussed at some length the current state of working knowledge of the capabilities of extraterrestrial technology as well as the reverse engineering of alien technology and advanced propulsion systems.

All spokespersons said that they would be willing to testify to their stories and knowledge before the U.S. Congress under oath with penalty of perjury.

Attended and recorded at the time by several major media outlets, this press conference has been watched by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

This press conference was the first major worldwide, public disclosure event concerning the UFO/ET phenomenon.

Disclosure – Humanity/Living Souls

There does exist however, the kind of disclosure the world needs.  An honest one.  An open one.  One which replaces secrecy with democracy.  A disclosure which is peaceful, scientific and hopeful.

Galactics Settling on Gaia:

We, the members of humanity, are faced with many challenges within this NOW.


We know that many of us have forgotten our true Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, we have also forgotten how to reach out to our Multidimensional SELF.

In fact, many of us Galactic Beings have completely forgotten that we ARE Eternal, Multi-Dimensional Light Beings who came to Gaia’s Earth long, long ago.

We came to Earth because we heard dear Gaia’s call for assistance during that NOW of great transmutation.  Once we finally adapted to our third dimensional human forms, we began to forget who we really were and why we had chosen to make the great sacrifice of leaving our fifth dimension, and beyond, frequency of reality.

Consider: One scenario for disclosure is that the UFO and Extraterrestrial subject is acknowledged in a way which is scientific and hopeful.  Excessive secrecy which lacks executive branch and congressional oversight is ended.


Humanity begins to entertain open contact with other civilizations with peaceful engagement as the goal. 


Technologies which are currently suppressed are allowed to be disseminated: Pollution ends.  An economy of abundance and social justice is firmly established.

Global environmental destruction and mind-numbing world poverty become a faint memory.  Zero-point based energy devices transform the world.  Electro-gravitic devices permit above ground travel without paving over the world’s precious fertile farm land.


As an ET once told Colonel Philip Corso, “Its a new world, if you can take it…”. This is the disclosure which we are working for.

For such a disclosure would lead to the total transformation of the status quo.


Centralized energy systems would be obsolete.  Oil would be useful only for lubricants and synthetics.  The geo-political order of today would be a thing forgotten:  Every country and blessed souls on Earth would have such a high degree of progress and advancement that all nations would have a seat at the global table.


Power would need to be shared.  Peaceful acknowledgment of life from elsewhere would make the Earth seem like the very small, organic homeland which it is.  The vast trillion-dollar global military – industrial sector would be reined in. And a universal spirituality might dawn…


Step out of the circle of time and into the circle of love.”

Humanity’s Disclosure

I encourage all living souls to be their own authority.  No more relying on “official” creatures to tell us what we have seen, why we may have seen it, why we should not pay any attention to it, and so on. 


No more feeling powerless!  The “age of authority over us” is “over for us.” 

We are our own authority.

We are our leaders.

We are Humanity’s Disclosure Movement.

Freewill: we know from the mass media that lifeforms on Earth are imperiled to an unprecedented degree by psychopaths controlling our world.


It is humanity’s responsibility, not any corporation masquerading as government, to solve our problems. 


We can create universal harmony that will bring us planetary peace, an end to poverty, an end to hunger, and an end to impending ecological catastrophe. 


We can create institutions in all areas of life that are humane and serve US, not the other way around. 


We can and will ascend to an elevated level of consciousness – we are going home.


So there ya go;

Respectfully submitted in love and light by;

Christopher Stagg

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The Ariel School Encounter

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“Why haven't we heard from aliens?

It's because they're already here.

You just don't know where to look, do you?”


Namaste my brothers, sisters and distinguished “others”.


Once again, I thought I would re-post an article that is dear to me for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s one of the most compelling UFO sightings on record and secondly, it holds a special place in my heart as I was born in Zambia so my African roots run deep.

Having said that, let’s give it a whirl.

One of the most extraordinary mass UFO sightings in recent history occurred among children at an elementary school playground in the small farming village of Ruwa, a suburb of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, Africa.

On September 16, 1994, during mid-morning recess at the Ariel primary school in Ruwa, about sixty-two children put down their jump ropes and Rugby balls and reported seeing spacecraft and two “strange beings” in the rugged, grassy area adjacent to their schoolyard.


News of the sighting spread fast, and in the days and months following the event, researchers and reporters from around the world traveled to the school to talk with the young children who had made the incredible claims.

According to investigators, the English-speaking schoolchildren, who ranged in age from six to twelve years, had immediate and differing reactions to the encounter.  Some of the students said they ran about the playground in an excited, confused state while others stood spellbound watching the event unfold.  Some said they were curious and wanted to check out what was happening, while a few others were frightened and started to cry. 

Nevertheless, the children’s reports were vivid, clear, and consistent.  Many of the children reported seeing beings that wore shiny tight-fitting black suits, had very thin arms and legs, and were about four feet tall.  The spacecraft was described as large and silver with lights and a red stripe around the edge. 

Although some children drew pictures of the beings without hair, many children said the beings had long straight black hair with facial features consisting of large oval black eyes, small nostrils, and a slit for a mouth. 

Many of the children reported that one of the beings remained on top of the spacecraft, as if on watch, while the other being moved directly toward them.  And, perhaps most remarkable, a number of the children claimed to have telepathic communication with the beings who gave them prophetic messages about the environmental destruction of Earth.

There were no adults on the playground during the 10:15 a.m. recess that morning.  Teachers were inside the school attending a staff meeting while older students, chosen to be prefects, were responsible for supervising the younger children on the playground.  The nearest adult was a mother volunteering in the school “tuck” shop, which sold a variety of snacks and sweets. 

During the encounter, which lasted about fifteen minutes, an older boy made a beeline to the mother in the snack shop and shouted for her to come look because a UFO had just landed and a “little man” was running around in a one-piece suit.

At some point during the encounter, students raced back into the school to tell their teachers what had just happened.  One teacher, whose testimony was video recorded by researchers, said, “They came running up here in such a panic, and even if we had staged it, they could not have run all together like that.”

Some of the teachers were skeptical hearing the news, and another teacher was recorded as saying, “I believe that they’d seen something, but I wasn’t prepared to accept that it was anything supernatural or anything like that.”  But the students remained adamant about what they saw.

Although the Ruwa encounter happened on a Friday, the days preceding the event had been highly unusual according to the late UFO investigator Cynthia Hind, who was based in Harare at the time.  Hind described her investigation of the Ariel school sighting in her 1996 book, “UFOs Over Africa”. 

In the book Hind wrote that a few days before the encounter, hundreds of Zimbabweans had reported seeing bright flashing lights in the sky in what was thought to be a spectacular meteor shower.   Additionally, odd explosions were heard near the country’s Lake Kariba area, a mother and son veered while driving to miss a strange object in the road, and two pilots from Harare claimed they saw what looked like a fireball with a tail.

First Investigators on the Scene  
Late journalist Tim Leach, a former BBC cameraman in Harare and head of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association in Zimbabwe, was one of the first to be tipped off about the Ruwa encounter.  Leach phoned Hind about the event and asked if she’d be willing to visit the school with him.  Hind agreed to do so and then promptly made a few key phone calls.  One call was to the parent helping out in the snack shop at the Ariel school.

The mother told Hind that at first she disbelieved the boy who implored her to come see the UFO near the playground and thought he was just “pulling her leg.” 













But, at home later that day, the mother was able to connect Hind with a few of the children who had witnessed the encounter, including her own daughter. 

 Hind listened to the children talk about disc-like objects, otherworldly beings, bright lights, and high-pitched flute-like noises. 

 One boy reported seeing three objects flying overhead with flashing red lights; the objects would appear and disappear seemingly at will.  A girl reported seeing a disc-like object about to land in the bush near the playground.  Another child said she thought there was one main object in the sky along with three or four smaller objects.

In “UFOs Over Africa”, Hind described her reactions to hearing the children’s words:

“All this took a bit of absorbing, and when I had finished speaking to the children, I made several [more] phone calls.  One of them was to Colin Mackie, headmaster of Ariel school, and I suggested to him that he arrange to have the children draw pictures of what they had seen before they had time to discuss it among themselves.” 

On the following Tuesday (September 20), Hind and Leach visited the school to investigate the encounter and take a look at the nearly forty drawings the children had created since Friday.  The students’ artwork included many age-appropriate but detailed images of the spacecraft and the beings. 

 After looking at the artwork Hind wrote;

 “The drawings were impressive; they were similar enough for me to acknowledge that the children were obviously seeing the same object and yet diverse enough to realize that there had been no collaboration among them.”

Hind and Leach then interviewed a small group of children on camera who spoke candidly

about the encounter.  One girl said she thought the being was “an alien from a different planet.”  Hind wrote that Leach asked the children if the spacecraft they’d seen might have been a Zimbabwe Air Force helicopter or a Harrier Jump Jet.  The children were adamant that the craft they saw was unfamiliar to them.  .

Hind added that headmaster Colin Mackie said he believed the children had seen something that could not be explained. 

Continuing her investigation, Hind walked over to the grassy area of the playground where the schoolchildren said the spacecraft had appeared.  A technician accompanied Hind to the site and tested the area for radiation with a Geiger counter; however, there was no evidence of excessive radiation. 

Consistency in the Reports.

Cynthia Hind believed the children saw what they described based on the consistency of

their reports.   “They all saw pretty much the same thing,” she said.  “They saw a craft

approach the playground and hover over the playground, and they saw two beings.” 

 She remembered one little girl who said the beings traversed the ground, almost as if they

were floating.

Children also reported having telepathic communication with the beings through their large eyes and receiving messages about pollution on Earth and the overuse of technology. 

“Many of the children we spoke with had communication with the beings and described staring into the beings’ eyes.” She continued, “They had apocalyptic visions of the Earth.  I remember one girl said she felt that all the trees would come down.  There was another girl who probably said the most profound, deep things, and she reported feeling scared and also feeling sorry for the beings to the point of feeling love for them.”




Contemplating the Mysterious

For quite a while, there was significant media coverage about the Ariel school encounter that eventually gained worldwide attention, including a 1995 episode on the television show, “Sightings”.  In time, however, headmaster Mackie quelled outside attention related to the incident.

But, for many of the children on the playground that morning, the Ariel school encounter was the start of an unforgettable, life-changing journey.  Not only were the young students stunned to see something so unfamiliar, but they were suddenly cast in the challenging position of having to describe a highly unusual event to teachers, parents, friends, investigators, and reporters—and wanting to be believed.

Barbara Lamb, a California-based licensed marriage-and-family therapist and regression therapist, is familiar with the Ariel school incident and had known Cynthia Hind. 

“She told me that the children behaved and talked as if they were totally sincere,” Lamb said”. In the footage I viewed, it certainly appeared and sounded as if they were telling the truth.” 

 Lamb says that even though the children were standing at different locations on the playground, their stories were similar in content.


 In addition, Lamb has regressed hundreds of extraterrestrial experiencers in her practice who were told that Earth is in trouble and humans need to take better care of the planet.  She said this was the basic message conveyed to some of the Ariel schoolchildren. 

Lamb believes that what the children witnessed and reported at the Ariel school in 1994 is part of a very large movement going on amongst humanity that involves the expansion of human consciousness.


 “I think the children, as a voice of innocence and authenticity, offer a perfect contribution to the awareness that many people are growing into, anyway,” Lamb said.  “More people are coming forth and speaking about encounters that they’ve had with otherworldly beings”.

Lamb also added that many people are waking up and becoming more aware of the spiritual as well as the physical nature of reality. 

“More people today are also thinking about the universe and the cosmos, and the possibility of intelligent life in these other aspects of space,” Lamb said.  “More and more people, as well as many noted physicists, are thinking about the possibility of different dimensions of reality and parallel universes.” 


So there ya go.

Respectfully submitted by;


Christopher Stagg

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