Dear Connecting Consciousness Members for Thailand.


Simon and Rebecca Parkes, the Founders of Connecting Consciousness, are pleased to see our area growing in members and welcome you to the CC family.  As your Coordinator, I would like to introduce myself below.


You will receive emails from me weekly or monthly informing you of our Members Zoom meetings and In Person Meetups planned for our Country and area.


As we go through this difficult time in our world’s history, it is more important than ever to connect with like-minded people for support.  Please look out for our emails (check you spam/junk mail) and let’s help each other get through this.  Much love.

Meet your Country Co-ordinator.

Chris – Thailand/Myanmar Coordinator

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Namaste to all my brothers and sisters here in beautiful Thailand and Myanmar. 

My name is Chris Stagg and I have been selected by Connecting Consciousness to be the Coordinator for Thailand and Myanmar.


I began my journey of “Awakening” approximately 20 years ago and as a result, through the philosophy of Buddhism, I found myself moving forward and intuitively realized that it was time to rise up together in the collective consciousness - this great awakening where life will get brighter, internal and external vision will get clearer, light will be dominant, and truth will only be found within.

This is where we are headed, to the amazing, abundant, bright world we are creating, where the steady flow of consciousness flows through the majority.


The suppression is being lifted.  Welcome to the birthright of your soul.


Peace, love and light to you all

Chris, Thailand/Myanmar Coordinator

Connecting Consciousness

Christopher Stagg,

111/7 Moo 2T Noen Phra,

Bumrunggrad Rd,



Tel: +66(0)62-989-5149.

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