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In 2017, several news organizations revealed the existence of the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a U.S. government funded investigation into unidentified flying objects from 2007 to 2012. This secret $22 million program, however, was not the first of its kind.

In fact official government UFO studies began in the 1940s with Project Sign providing some of the most credible videos of aerial phenomenon to date. The 2017 revelation that the U.S. government was actively researching UFOs reignited world interest in UFOs and aliens.


 Time to revisit five, of what I believe, are the most credible UFO sightings of the 21st century:






On March 13, 1997, thousands of Arizonans from all across the state reported seeing strange lights in sky. It remains one of the largest UFO sightings ever.

It began at approximately 7pm on the night of March 13, 1997 when people in northwestern Arizona reported seeing a massive craft pass overhead. According to the National UFO Reporting Center, one of the few organizations that bothered to keep an official record of Phoenix lights sightings, the first call it received on its UFO Hotline that night came from a retired police officer in Paulden, Arizona, a small town about 2 hours north of Phoenix. The man reported seeing a cluster of red-orange lights arranged in a V-formation.

Calls began "pouring into the Hotline" from locations south of Paulden, indicating that the craft was heading in a southeasterly direction.

The reports were united by several key observations, namely: the craft was enormous (witnesses described it as a mile wide), it made no sound, and moved slowly over Arizona, frequently stopping to hover in a single location.

According to USA Today, the craft traversed Arizona in 106 minutes based on witness reports.

Interestingly, a second incident that same night occurred around 10pm Arizona time, about an hour after the last reports of the large V-shaped craft had come in from the southern portion of the state.

One of the most remarkable things about the Phoenix lights is how many people witnessed them. The reason for this was that many Arizonans were outside stargazing that night to observe Hale-Bopp, an unusually bright comet that was approaching its closest pass to the Sun on April 1.




Shortly after the front page USA Today story that brought international attention to the event, the incumbent governor of Arizona, Fife Symington, held a press conference during which he claimed to have "found who was responsible" for the lights.  During the conference, Symington trotted out someone dressed in an alien costume with their hands cuffed.


"They made a mockery of the whole thing and it was really disconcerting," said Lynne Kitei. "They were trying to make a joke out of it, but people were taking this seriously.  They wanted to know what these things were and who was doing it."

Although Symington made light of the sightings at the time, on the 10th anniversary of the event, he claimed that he had in fact witnessed the phenomenon in 1997.  Interesting that it only took him 10 years to step forward.

"I'm a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies," Symington said.  "It was bigger than anything that I've ever seen.  Other people saw it, responsible people.  I don't know why people would ridicule it.  It was not of this world”.


The Rendlesham Forest incident is ranked among the best-known reported UFO events worldwide. It is undoubtedly one of the best documented and most significant military encounters with a Craft of Unknown Origin. It has been compared to the Roswell UFO incident in the United States. It is also a case that involved very credible witnesses like trained United States Air Force observers and security police personnel.

Rendlesham Forest is a large pine forest in Suffolk, England. Nearby are the twin NATO air bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge; at the time both bases were being leased to the United States Air Force.

 In late December 1980, there were a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights near the Forest. This particular event occurred just outside RAF Woodbridge.  On 26th December, 1980 at around 3:00 a.m., a security patrol near the east gate of RAF Woodbridge saw lights apparently descending into nearby Rendlesham Forest.

Servicemen initially thought it was a downed aircraft but, upon entering the forest to investigate, they saw, what they described later, as a glowing object, metallic in appearance,

with colored lights.


As they attempted to approach the object, it appeared to move through the trees, and “the animals on a nearby farm went into a frenzy”.


One of the servicemen, Sergeant Jim Penniston, later claimed to have encountered a “craft of unknown origin”.  According to him, when he got close enough, he saw strange hieroglyphic symbols on the hull and after some time, the craft rose slowly above the trees and then accelerated away at high speed.

When servicemen returned to a small clearing near the eastern edge of the forest, they found 3 small impressions in a triangular pattern, as well as burn marks and broken branches on nearby trees.

 This event got international media attention and quickly was dubbed as one of the most famous UFO incidents in history.





One morning in July,1947, about 75 miles from the town of Roswell, New Mexico, a rancher named Mac Brazel found something unusual in his sheep pasture: a mess of metallic sticks held together with tape; chunks of plastic and foil reflectors; and scraps of a heavy, glossy, paper-like material.

Unable to identify the strange objects, Brazel called Roswell’s sheriff.  The sheriff, in turn, called officials at the nearby Roswell Army Air Force base.  Armed soldiers flocked onto the scene and covered Brazel’s field, and started gathering the mysterious debris and whisking it away in armored trucks.

On July 8, Roswell Daily Record published a report about the incident in their front page.  Their top story was titled “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region”. This report

got international attention and because of that, the day after this report an Air Force official clarified the paper’s report by claiming that the alleged “flying saucer,” was only a crashed weather balloon supposedly from a secretive government project called the Project Mogul.

However, to anyone who had seen the debris it was clear that whatever the thing was, it was not

a weather balloon. Some people believed–and still believe–that the crashed vehicle had not come from Earth at all.



I don’t feel compelled to dwell on the Roswell incident as we are all aware of the significance of this event and the role it played on modern day Ufology.









A veteran pilot whose UFO sighting was confirmed on radar screens said a mysterious object that he and his crew observed was so enormous that it dwarfed his Japan Airlines cargo plane.

Capt. Kenju Terauchi, the pilot, also said they saw two other small unidentified objects, smaller than his cargo carrier that did not appear on radar.

Terauchi, his copilot and flight engineer told Federal Aviation Administration investigators that they saw the lights of an unidentified object on the evening of Nov. 17, 1986.

"They were flying parallel and then suddenly approached very close," said Terauchi, 47, who requested and received FAA permission to take whatever action was necessary to avoid the object that appeared for a time on FAA and Air Force radar and on the radar screen in the cockpit of JAL flight 1628.


The FAA confirmed that government radar picked up the object that Terauchi said followed his Boeing 747 cargo jet.

"It was a very big one -- two times bigger than an aircraft carrier," he said.  The captain, who is stationed in Anchorage with his family, was flying the jumbo jet from Iceland to Anchorage on a Europe-to-Japan flight when the crew encountered the object in clear weather over Alaska.

Terauchi said the three unidentified objects followed his jet for 400 miles.  It was unbelievable," he said.  He stated that the crew was not frightened but wanted to avoid whatever was lit up in their flight path. "We wanted to escape from this."




They followed FAA directives to drop 4,000 feet and make turns, including a 360-degree turn, but Terauchi said, "They were still following us."

Terauchi said jokingly that he thought the UFOs might have followed his chartered cargo plane because "we were carrying Beaujolais, a very famous wine made in France”.















On Sept 1, 1974 in Langenburg, Saskatchewan Edwin Fuhr had a close encounter of the second kind.

Around 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 1, 1974, the then 36-year-old was swathing his fields when he saw five saucer-shaped objects on the edge of a slough.

Thinking they were duck blinds and that someone was playing a joke on him, Fuhr got off of his swathe for a closer look, but still kept at least 15 feet back.  He says the saucers were hovering a foot off the ground and rotating at a high rate of speed.  Their surface looked like highly-polished steel.

Fuhr stopped, backed up and got on his swathe.  He sat there for the next 15 minutes watching them hover, too scared to move.

“They had me in a trance,” says Fuhr, now 79. “I didn’t even know what to do, cause I sat there and I thought, “well gee whiz.”

According to Fuhr, the objects then took off — emitting a grey vapor from underneath — and disappeared into the sky.  They made no sound.  The objects flew away so fast that they were gone “like that,” says Fuhr, clapping his hands.

Fuhr is convinced what he saw that day was extraterrestrial.

Over the years, he has taken an interest in the subject of UFOs, and is well read on the subject. He refers to government cover-ups, Roswell and popular theories that aliens may be concerned about global conflicts on Earth.


So there ya go.

Respectfully submitted by;


Christopher Stagg


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